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Appetite for Destruction

It’s been a while but i really must post these provocative pictures courtesy of ‘Treehugger’…


‘Life’ on the Factory Farm



It just goes to show how powerful our collective cultural appetite is that we as a society generally push images like that under the carpet.  Images like those are not images of God’s kingdom in my opinion.  Even for those who prefer a selfish, domineering view of ‘stewardship of the earth’ there must come a line where stewardship turns into inhumane abuse. 

Factory farms cross that line.


For the majority of people out there (who may be unlikely to reduce animal intake, or better yet become vegetarians!), i would urge you to at least question how your animal products come to find their way to your mouth. If the answer is somewhat unpalatable, then choose animals and animal products farmed and killed by less unethical means.


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Well i am officially now 32 years old.  As such, the end of my 7 week ‘Magda Effect’ weight loss challenge has also met its deadline.

The full time score is a current weight of 70kg and a body fat of 17%.  This represents a loss of 4kg (the aim was 5kg) and 3% body fat (the aim was 5%).  While i didn’t quite reach my ultimate goals in the 7 weeks, i came pretty close!  I also made improvements in my patterns of eating, being less susceptible to the Fat Bastard lament, “i eat because i’m unhappy, i’m unhappy because i eat”.




I guess it’s time to celebrate by gorging myself on the copious amounts of chocolates i received for my birthday.  I am kidding…sort of!

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Continuing on with the vegetarian theme, I thought I’d post a provocative quote by John Dear (Catholic priest, peace activist, writer, and vegetarian).  He begins his booklet Christianity and Vegetarianism with the following thoughts:


I agree with Mahatma Ghandi, Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker movement, and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that the only way out of this culture of violence is through the ancient wisdom of nonviolence.  I remember what Dr. King said the night before he was assassinated: “The choice before us is no longer violence or nonviolence; it’s nonviolence or nonexistence.”  That’s where we stand today, on the brink of a new culture of nonviolence or on the brink of nonexistence.

Nonviolence begins with the insights that all life is sacred, that all human beings are children of the God of peace, and that as God’s children, we are under certain obligations.  Of course, we should never hurt or kill another human being, wage war, build nuclear weapons, or sit idly by while millions of human beings starve to death each year.  Nonviolence invites us, also, to reevaluate the way we treat animals in our society.  Whiel we resist violence, injustice, and war and while we practice nonviolence, seek peace, and struggle for justice for the poor, we are also invited to break down the species barrier, extending our belief in Christian compassion to the animal kingdom by, among other things, adopting a vegetarian diet.


Whether you agree with the depths of John Dear’s dietary convictions regarding vegetarianism (including his Christian basis for it), it is hard not to be impressed and challenged by his ethical consistency in matters of life, compassion, and Christ’s cosmic gospel of peace.

Over the coming months i will explore the option of vegetarianism from the varied perspectives of health, animal rights, ecology, world poverty and hunger, consumerism, Christian discipleship and spirituality, as well as a historical-global snapshot of vegetarianism.

Some reading about this topic will find it boring, ridiculous or even an assault on their deeply held convictions.  For others it is an interesting and compelling alternative perspective.  While i am passionate about my choice i don’t want to figuratively (if not literally!) shove it down people’s throats.  If it’s not your ‘cup of tea’ (or lentil soup) then don’t read them!

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Food of the Month 1

As a long time Vegetarian i often delve into foods that others wont go near…tofu anyone?!




The best vego diets are centred around a variety of veggies, fruits, wholegrains, other high protein foods such as legumes of various sorts, and a few healthy fats.  Non-vegan vegetarians also consume animal products such as dairy and eggs, though i try to make these a small part of my diet (still weaning myself of cheese and chocolate!)

While i subscribe to the fact that we do not need to eat meat (or specific meat replacements), there are now many faux-meat/chicken/fish/cheese products on the market that provide options to those vegetarians who like a simple substitute for their old meat dishes, who have not yet built a repertoire of new recipes based upon the hundreds of foods they have rarely used (vego diets actually have greater diversity in my experience), or who simply like their cultural and practical simplicity (i.e “throw a veggie burger on the barbie for me mate”).


Over the years i have tried all manner of wierd and wonderful vego creations.  I’d generally place them into 3 broad categories, from worst to best:


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