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Appetite for Destruction

It’s been a while but i really must post these provocative pictures courtesy of ‘Treehugger’…


‘Life’ on the Factory Farm



It just goes to show how powerful our collective cultural appetite is that we as a society generally push images like that under the carpet.  Images like those are not images of God’s kingdom in my opinion.  Even for those who prefer a selfish, domineering view of ‘stewardship of the earth’ there must come a line where stewardship turns into inhumane abuse. 

Factory farms cross that line.


For the majority of people out there (who may be unlikely to reduce animal intake, or better yet become vegetarians!), i would urge you to at least question how your animal products come to find their way to your mouth. If the answer is somewhat unpalatable, then choose animals and animal products farmed and killed by less unethical means.


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In recent times, the thorny issue of asylum seekers, ‘boat people’, or the incorrectly and inhumanely named ‘illegal immigrants’ has raised its profile again after more boats containing these desperate people have reached our shores.

Predictably, the fearful xenophobes in Australian society have crawled out of the woodwork to bemoan the arrival of more foreigners to our shores (even though most of us can trace our families back to foreigners who arrived sometime in the past 200 years).  “We’ve boundless plains to share”? 

It seems not. 


If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing

Malcolm X



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